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Welcome to Meat Business Women

Meat Business Women is the global network for people who work with or in the meat and food supply chain. We're an inclusive community where all voices are not only heard, but empowered, driving the positive transformation of the industry.

Our vision is clear. To ensure the sustainability of our sector by attracting and retaining the best possible talent. We're here to inspire all women, build an empowered, connected community and provide the tools needed for success. How are we doing it? Through the power of mentorship, shared knowledge, forging genuine connections and energising events.

Our Mission 

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Learn from the best minds in the industry as they share their knowledge, insights and inspiration at our events.

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Your support network is here! Our inclusive, global community is ready to help empower and support you throughout your career.

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We provide the tools you need to thrive, with mentoring, masterclasses and resources designed to supercharge your career.


We're with you on your career journey

We know the power of a strong support network, mentoring and personal development for women's careers. When you join Meat Business Women, you become part of a supportive, empowered community where we lift as we climb. Our goal? To support you to reach your aspirations at every stage of your career.

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Our purpose

Meat Business Women exists to drive the positive transformation of the meat industry and achieve gender balance for women at every career level.

Our global research shows that progress is being made. But there is more work to do.

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