Our Members

We support and inspire ALL women across the global meat industry, from newcomers to CEOs, right across global the supply chain from farm to fork.

Our members are the beating heart of Meat Business Women. We welcome all professionals to our community where you can find empowerment, support and the tools you need for your career to thrive.

We understand the power of a strong support network for women's careers. But we know that networking doesn't always come naturally to all. That's why we're here, making networking easier and helping you create genuine connections that truly uplift and empower.

The meat industry is an incredible place to work when you're surrounded by like-minded people who elevate and support you!

Who is Meat Business Women for?

Anyone who works with or in the global meat and food supply chain

Students and new entrants to the industry who want support and guidance on their career journey

Junior and mid-level professionals looking to supercharge their careers and connect with a community of like-minded people

Forward-thinking senior leaders and CEO's passionate about sparking innovation and shaping the future of the meat industry

Our Strategic Partners

Lots of Meat Business Women's members work for our partner organisations and gain access to our range of member benefits via their employer. Is your organisation ready to make change happen? We'd love to partner with you to provide your employees with the support they need.

Individual Membership

Don't worry if your employer isn't a Meat Business Women partner. Our individual members work for a range of organisations right across the global meat and food supply chain. Individual memberships are perfect for women working at any level who want take charge of their own career.


What our members say