Our Partners

We're proud to work with some of the most progressive and innovative organisations in the global meat supply chain. Together, we work with to drive the positive transformation of the meat industry's image, culture and landscape.Discover more about our partners below.

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Our Strategic Partners 

Our strategic partners access the full breadth of Meat Business Women support, including employee resources, mentoring, representation in global industry-wide campaigns, global branding and more. We work closely with them year-round to ensure that Meat Business Women helps them to attract and retain the best people. We're grateful to all our partners for their continued support.

Our Supporting Partners 

Our supporting partners are partners who gain access to employee resources, mentoring and branding within their respective territories. We're grateful to them for their ongoing support.

Commit to purposeful change

Want to show purposeful commitment to supporting the women in your organisation and shifting the gender balance? No matter what stage you are at with your gender inclusivity strategy, we can support you.

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