We believe that all women working in the meat industry should have the tools they need to reach their goals...

A good mentoring relationship can be absolutely vital in making that happen and can help you to gain new perspectives, build your confidence, smash your career goals, or gain a better understanding of your day-to-day role.

That's why we developed our free, global mentor portal for Meat Business Women members. 

Making it easy for women in the global meat industry to share skills, expertise, experiences and have a career that thrives!

Why consider mentoring?



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Become a mentor 

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Did you know women who become a mentor are six times more likely to get a promotion?

Becoming a mentor is the ideal way to develop your leadership, problem-solving and communication skills.

And it's also a way to pay your knowledge and experiences forward to others. Let's lift as we climb!

Find a mentor 

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Who do you turn to for a different perspective?

Who do you call on when you need some guidance or a sounding-board?

We all need support networks around us to help us navigate our career and personal lives. And this is where a mentor can step in, to give you the lift and support that you need.

Who's on the mentoring portal?

Because we work with organisations and individuals who span the global meat supply chain, our mentors and mentees do the same.

Mentors and mentees regularly match based on common industry types, as well as having shared career goals and objectives.

> Processing/Manufacturing

> Retail

> Foodservice

> Farming

> Supporting industries e.g. packaging, hygiene, marketing & others

How do I know if mentoring is for me?

We know that putting time aside for your personal development can easily slide down the priority list. It can also be difficult to define and prioritise your own goals. But finding a mentor can help you to develop in so many different areas, like gaining skills and confidence to perform at a higher level, connecting you with other like-minded people in the industry, finding motivation, inspiration and so much more. If there is one step you can take today to help your future self, register for our mentoring portal and get started!

Start your mentoring journey

How do I get started?

Our mentor portal makes it super easy for you to become a mentor, mentee, or both! The portal is free for members and available year-round, so you can start your mentoring journey at any time.

Join Meat Business Women

Mentoring is free for members of Meat Business Women. Once logged in, you'll see the mentoring portal on your homepage.

Register for the mentor portal

Our algorithm suggests the best matches for you, based on the information you share in your profile. You can contact and connect with a mentor easily through the portal.

You take it from there!

How long your mentoring journey lasts is up to you, but we'll provide you with help, how-to guides and email prompts which will guide you along every step of the way.

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