Member's Masterclass in Leading in the AI Era: Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation

Join Lumachain's CEO, Jamila Gordon, and her expert team for an immersive Masterclass on Leadership, Collaboration, and Teamwork in the Artificial Intelligence era.

As businesses navigate the digital landscape, leadership evolves, requiring agility and adaptability. In this session, discover how AI is revolutionizing our industry, fostering efficiency and safety while driving transformation and innovation.

This masterclass will delve into how AI is helping our Industry and is pivotal in fostering transformation and innovation within our businesses and teams – and how we can all improve our Leadership by being curious and embracing the positives they bring to bear.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills in the age of AI, with live Q&A for an enriched learning experience.

Who is the masterclass aimed at?

Anyone in the Industry who would like to understand more about Artificial Intelligence and how it is being embraced by the Food Industry.

Our speaker

Jamila Gordon

Jamila Gordon

Founder, Lumachain

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