05 Dec 2023

Masterclass in The Power of Male Allies

Masterclass in The Power of Male Allies with Chris Dixon

Building strong alliances: Collaboration between men and women is vital in driving sustainable change. Change happens when men, as well as women, drive gender inclusion. Meat Business women’s 2023 global research uncovered that all too often, the onus is still on women to educate, call out behaviour and lead the inclusion work – even when this means challenging their line managers and peers.

To really shift the dial, women and men need to work together to create a more inclusive future. In practice, this means more men stepping into allyship roles and taking practical everyday action to support inclusion.

It’s important to note that being a male ally involves continuous learning, self-reflection, and taking responsibility for your actions. It requires actively challenging your own biases and privileges, listening to women’s experiences and perspectives, and taking action to create positive change. By embracing male allyship, we can work towards a more inclusive and equitable industry for all.

This masterclass covered the following topics:

  • Respect for women in the workplace and beyond- where does it begin?
  • Our Company Values- they apply to us all, irrespective of gender
  • The importance of development plans and regular 1:1s
  • It’s all about the role and the best candidate for the role
  • The importance of women throughout the management and leadership structure and WHY

This masterclass is for anyone interested in finding out more about male allyship in the meat industry.

About Chris…

Moy Park – Head of Procurement

Born into a farming family, my journey in the agrifood sector began at a young age. Educated in N. Ireland- interestingly, following primary school I was the amongst the first small group of boys to attend an all-girls school at the time- 3rd level qualification in Food Technology at Loughry College. Joined Moy Park on a graduate management scheme in 1987- 1 of 10 in that year. Held 10 different roles in my almost 36 years with the business from operations, planning, hr, procurement and currently, commercial as Director of Business for International Sales. Travelled extensively with the business. Privileged to lead a brilliant multi-cultural team of talented female and male colleagues who trade products into Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK and the Balkans.

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