30 Apr 2024
by Meat Business Women

Meat Business Women Partners with Thomas Foods International to Support Women in the Meat Industry

New partnership between Meat Business Women and Thomas Foods International

We're excited to announce our new partnership between Meat Business Women and Thomas Foods International (TFI), a leading family-owned food business from Australia. This collaboration aims to enhance the role of women in the meat industry.

Our goal at Meat Business Women is to address and remove the obstacles that prevent women from advancing in their careers. With TFI's support, we are focusing on improving industry perceptions, promoting inclusion, addressing career progression issues, building stronger networks, and adapting workplace practices to better support women.

Darren Thomas, Managing Director of Thomas Foods International, expressed his support for the partnership. He said, “At Thomas Foods International (TFI), we recognise the inherent strength that comes from diverse perspectives, and proudly foster a culture where diversity is celebrated and all voices are heard. Partnering with Meat Business Women strengthens our commitment to gender diversity which extends across all levels of the organisation – from the factory floor to our Executive Leadership Team. We believe that a diverse workforce promotes creativity, innovation, and a more comprehensive understanding of our global customer base. We are not just building a future for our company; we are cultivating an environment where everyone can flourish.”

Stacey McKenna, Australian Chair of Meat Business Women, shared her thoughts on the partnership, “We are thrilled to be working with Thomas Foods International and their dedicated team.

“Through our work with countless women in the meat industry, we’ve seen the clear benefits of networking and mentorship. It’s encouraging that Thomas Foods International is actively supporting the growth and development of women in the field, providing them with the essential tools they need to succeed.”

Through this partnership, Thomas Foods International will have access to our events, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs. Together, we plan to initiate programs that encourage more women to enter and excel in the meat industry.

This collaboration is a step towards ensuring the sustainability of our sector by attracting and retaining the best possible talent.

About Thomas Foods International:

Thomas Foods International is one of Australia’s top family-owned food companies, founded on principles of quality, integrity and innovation, TFI has evolved into a market leader and known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Operating globally, TFI is dedicated to producing and distributing premium meat and seafood products, focusing on excellent customer service and community engagement.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates and stories about how we are empowering women in the meat industry with partners like Thomas Foods International.