25 Oct 2023

Member Spotlight with Arabella Sayers

As part of The Power Of You campaign, we want to shine a light on the incredible women who make up the Meat Business Women community. We know that by sharing experiences and knowledge, we can lift as we climb, which is crucial if we want to inspire, upskill and empower the women around us. So we’re asking you to share your story!

We caught up with Arabella Sayers who is a Marketing Manager at PPS Equipment.

I am currently employed at PPS Equipment as a Marketing Manager. My career path has been fantastic so far. Starting my work as a digital marketing apprentice and progressing to marketing manager by the age of 21 is a dream come true! Working in marketing has taught me so much about many businesses. I joined PPS in October 2022 and have been able to completely expand out in terms of marketing over the past year. I’ve had the opportunity to express my creativity and develop all of my talents, from graphic design to event organisation. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and there’s much more to come!

What would you say your top strength or superpower is and how has it helped you in your career and personal life?

I believe my greatest strength is that I am a people person, that I am sociable and bubbly, and that I have a really chatty personality. I believe that having meaningful and important conversations with people is always beneficial while working in marketing, whether for a company or as a freelancer. I usually say that “conversations open doors,” and many chances have come my way as a result of getting to know people in other fields because word of mouth is incredibly valuable.

Who has lit the way for you and supported you in your career so far?

I honestly couldn’t pinpoint one person who has paved the way for me in my career; I have been supported by so many beautiful, amazing people in my career, whether it’s my family, friends, colleagues, bosses, or even social media influencers, who have either picked me up when I thought I was failing, directed me to new opportunities, or simply inspired me to remember the bigger picture and not just think small.  I believe it is critical to dream big. It doesn’t matter how large your ambitions are; just go follow them, since nothing good has ever come from being in your comfort zone!

In your opinion, what’s the one thing we should do to create an empowered and inclusive environment for all genders in the meat industry? 

I believe podcasts are becoming massive! I really think Meat Business Women would benefit from having a podcast, as it’s something that people can listen to while they’re working. I attended my first Meat Business Women event in May 2023 in London, and I have never come out of a room feeling more inspired, Whether you work in the meat industry or not, I think everyone should be given the chance to feel that empowered, because the energy in the room spoke for itself!

Your best piece of advice?

My favorite piece of advice around confidence would be “Visualise your highest and happiest self and start showing up as her” Its important to not adapt to the energy in the room but to influence the energy in the room!

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