Meat Business Women Membership Portal Drop In session

Join this session with Membership Marketing Manager Rebecca Fearon to unlock the full potential of MBW's membership portal.

This session is your key to maximizing the benefits of our membership and mentoring portal. Gain insights into navigating our platform effectively, and leveraging the tools and features to help your career thive!

We'll cover

  • Navigating the Membership Portal: A walkthrough of features.
  • Leveraging Mentorship Opportunities: How to connect with mentors and make the most of mentorship portal.
  • Engaging with MBW Community: Tips for participating in the membership directory and events.
  • Accessing Resources: Exploring exclsuive content, industry insights, and professional development resources.

Who is this session relevant for?

Anyone who is new to MBW and wants to understand the MBW Membership or mentoring portal, or anyone who has been a MBW member for a while and wants to learn how to get the best from their membership or mentoring portal.