20 Mar 2024
by Meat Business Women

A Look Inside Meat Business Women Australia's National Conference The Power of You

Key highlights from Australia's National Conference

On 20 March, 2024, Melbourne's Hyatt Place became a hub of activity and inspiration as Meat Business Women Australia hosted its annual conference. Centred around The Power of You, the tone for a day dedicated to highlighting the significant role women and gender diversity play in the meat industry.

The conference brought together a diverse group of industry leaders, newcomers, and change agents, all eager to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in workshops, and expand their professional networks.

The morning began with a keynote from diversity, equity and inclusion expert Michelle Redfern, who emphasised the importance of gender-inclusivity and equity in the workplace. Her message was clear: creating a welcoming environment for everyone is not just the right thing to do; it's also key to the industry's growth and success.

The Gender-Diversity in Leadership panel discussion, featuring Tom Maguire, Bonnie Skinner, and Alison Meagher, shared insights into how diverse leadership can drive positive change. Through their experiences and strategies, they demonstrated how embracing diversity can lead to more innovative and effective decision-making.

Kate Dillon, from She Lion Group, energised the audience with her talk on using personal strengths to advance in one's career. Her practical advice resonated with the conference's theme, encouraging attendees to recognise and capitalise on their unique abilities.

A highlight of the conference was the One to Watch award ceremony, which recognised the outstanding contributions of young women in the industry. This moment underscored Meat Business Women's commitment to supporting and developing female talent, aiming to close the gender gap in the meat sector.

Reflecting on the conference, Stacey McKenna, Australian Chair, noted, "This year's event truly captured The Power of You. Every speaker and story shared highlighted the incredible potential we all have to contribute to a more gender-inclusive and successful industry."

The conference set a precedent for future events, underscoring the importance of unity and empowerment in creating a more inclusive meat industry. Attendees left with new insights, practical tools for success, and a wider network of supportive industry peers.