03 Dec 2021
by Meat Business Women

Sharing your story and creating deeper connections: Masterclass

Sharing your story and creating deeper connections

Oli shared some of his stories that have resonated and performed. Highlighting through data how he approaches engaging his audience across multiple platforms and multiple mediums.

About Oli

Oli Le Lievre is the Founder of Humans of Agriculture, a social enterprise bringing the agriculture community together to connect, discuss, laugh and share their passion, one story at a time. For more than a decade Oli has worked in a variety of roles and a variety of sectors in agriculture both in Australia and overseas. From inside the farmgate to corporate advisory and consulting, from AgTech startups to global agrifood sustainability events. He’s passionate about highlighting the importance of agriculture in shaping the world we live in and is seeking to do this through the power of storytelling. The end result, Oli wants to raise consumer awareness, connect the next generation to opportunities in agriculture and show the businesses, people and innovation that make agriculture and rural Australia more broadly such an important part of society.

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