21 Feb 2024
by Meat Business Women

Meat Business Women Welcomes Strategic Partnership with Australian Meat Processor Corporation to Empower Women in the Red Meat Industry

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing the visibility and impact of women in the meat industry. Through this partnership, AMPC employees will gain priority access to MBW's events, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and mentoring. Additionally, MBW will benefit from AMPC's vast expertise in strategic planning, furthering our mission to elevate the profile of women in this vital sector.

AMPC CEO Chris Taylor said, “We are thrilled to partner with Meat Business Women to help women in the meat industry be inspired, network with others, and grow their careers.

“The red meat processing industry supports 138, 000 jobs across regional communities. As the industry’s research and marketing body we are thrilled to support the growth of women across the red meat industry.”

MBW Australian Chair Stacey McKenna said, “We are delighted to welcome The Australian Meat Processor Corporation as one of our strategic partners and look forward to working even more closely with its brilliant team.

“We know from speaking to hundreds of women in the global meat industry that networking and mentoring can make a huge difference to women’s career paths. It’s fantastic that AMPC is investing proactively in the development of female talent and giving women throughout the business the tools they need to succeed.”

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is the research and development corporation for the red meat processing industry in Australia. As the research, development and marketing service provider for Australian processors, AMPC runs programs of activity that are funded by processor levy payers, private contributions and the Australian Government. AMPC’s mission is to drive world-class innovation, adoption and strategic policy development through genuine partnerships built on trust.

This new partnership between Meat Business Women and AMPC marks a significant step forward for women in the meat industry as a commitment to providing real opportunities for growth, networking and mentorship.

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